Sunday, 14 August 2011

Holidays are over

Today is the last day of my holidays. Tomorrow it's back to work. That said I had a great time on holidays. We went to London for a few days where we visited the Tower of London. It was quite fun and we managed to get there early enough so that we beat the crowds.


We also went to Tate Modern museum. I was a bit disappointed. Modern art can be a bit hit or miss with me and there was more of the miss kind that of the hit kind. The good thing about museums in London is that they are generally free. Oh, and I stumbled on some knitting art. That was a hit, obviously!

IMG_8772.JPG IMG_8775.JPG IMG_8779.JPG

We also went for walk in Kensington gardens where we saw the Albert monument and got a good view of the Royal Albert Hall.



I had decided that I wanted to go to Loop. The yarn shops around here are quite disappointing and there were a couple of yarns that I wanted to fondle.


After a while of going back and forth I finally settled on 8 skeins of Quince & co Lark in the Twig colorway to make a cardigan for myself. It's a slightly rosy brown which is just gorgeous.


I also got some buttons to go with the yarn. I wished there was such a yarn shop nearby so I could go there and fondle yarn at my leisure.


While walking down Camden passage I found a petticoat. I was looking for one to go with the dress for the wedding I'm attending soon. I just saw it hanging from the outside of the shop. So I bought it. Here's the fabric I'm going to use for the dress.


While in London, I also went to Waterstones and was really reasonable. I only bought another New Covent Garden Soup Company recipe book, a recipe book of scones (my bf really wanted scones) and a knitting book. It's Knitalong. It's not only a pattern book but the stories in it are really good so I'm glad I got it.


After London we went for a few days to visit my parents and packed some more stuff to bring here. We couldn't bring much but my sewing machine finally made the trip. I'm just so happy to have it again. We couldn't bring the case though so I'll have to sew one myself.

I also found some of my knitting mojo back and started knitting a rectangular version on the Lacy Baktus using the second ball of Color Changing Cotton.

Straight lacy baktus

It's a Sinterklaas/Christmas present for my sister-in-law. It knits up nice and quickly and I still have a few months to go.

I'm hoping to be a better blogger now that I have my sewing machine back and that my knitting mojo seems to be back too.


Kate said...

Glad you had a good time in London! :-D I've never been to Loop, shamefully, and it's practically on my doorstep!

tinebeest said...

Yeay for a good time in London (I tend to just change trains there and not hang around too much)

Come and visit me in Leiden! I'll put you up for the nigth (or more) and I can take you to the woolshops here! There are a few more down in The Hague, a short trainride away...

Mrs H Knits said...

I really like the knitting art, how cool is that??

Roobeedoo said...

Oh here you are! I was trying to find you at a different blog address. Looking forward to seeing the dress come to life... and interested in seeing how the Quince knits up too. :)

Lauren C said...

Knitting is such a great hobby! I love use knitting to express myself. It’s hard to find time, but i usually can fit in some time in-between using my ab machines!