Tuesday, 29 March 2011

This post contains good news!

First off, yesterday I had a Dutch language test following the intermediate course to check that I could now follow the advanced course. I got the results by email today and I aced it! Top marks for all 4 areas of testing (reading, writing, listening and speaking).

The second good piece of news I got today is that I have a job! A few weeks back I went to a temp agency to see if they had anything that could be suitable for me. The lady said she'd enquire around and would let me know. The next day she called and said she had something and would send my CV to the company. Following that I had an interview 2 weeks ago and got a call today that I have the job!

It's a customer service representative job, in French and all by emails, so it's really good for me who don't like phones! I'll be doing 20 hours a week until my course is finished and will probably go full time after that.

My bf just went out again to buy some celebratory cake or snack. We'll see what he brings back.

A little update on the commission piece I'm knitting. I'm chart 5, the last of the wild flower part and have less than 10 rows to do on that and then I'll be on the more geometric part.

My commissioner wants some beading so I went and bought a few samples to try out. I knitted a swatch so that she could see the different beads in context.


From top to bottom: matte red beads (slightly too big), silver lined clear red beads, AB coated red beads and silver lined clear beads.

My favourites are the clear red beads and the AB coated ones. My bf's favourites are the clear red ones and those are the ones that my commissioner chose. They look really lovely. They are the smallest and most fiddly to bead on though! ;) I'll soon be doing some calculations to see how much I need to buy. I reckon that I still need about 1000 beads even though I'm only beading the last pattern.

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