Sunday, 6 March 2011

FO: Norwegian Rose Socks

They're done! I'm so happy with how they turned out. The second one went more slowly but only because I devoted less time to it!


Proof is that they can go really fast if you work on them is that this morning I powered through most of the leg. I was just a few rounds pas the heel when I picked it up.


Next I need to finish the Citron. After that I think I'll start my bf's sweater that I promised him years ago and for which I have the yarn and I'll have a commission work too for a Hidcote Garden in Wollmeise. I'll talk about that more when all the details are finalised.


Kate said...

I love them! The colours are really subtle and pretty. Hope you get lots of wear from them. :-)

Swaen said...

Knap zeg! Ik kan niet zo hele goed breien, maar een sjaal lukt me nog. Zolang er geen patronene zijn ben ik nog blij :) Ze zijn mooi, en vast ook lekker warm :)